Frequently Asked Questions


Can I bring my own drinks into the limo or do I have to buy them from you?

  • With every regular-rate booking through our web site we supply a complimentary bottle of fine Spanish sparkling wine and a 1.5-liter bottle of mineral/spring water. Besides those, you can bring in an unlimited quantity of your own drinks. You can also order those to us and you will stock them for you at retail prices. Just as if you bought them from a liquor store. Drinks are merely an accessory to our business, not its financial focus and that’s not where we make our profit.

Is smoking allowed in the limo?

  • We do have one limo where smoking is allowed – this is our open-top limousine. Sadly for all smokers, we follow the European and global non-smoking trends. We also show consideration for the next clients renting our vehicles, who might not enjoy entering a vehicle full of tobacco odor. For these reasons smoking is NOT allowed in any of our other limousines. However, we would gladly follow your impulse and provide indefinite stops for a smoke outside along your trip.

How late is the latest I can book?

  • We do not have a booking deadline. We give priority to earlier bookings. Worst case scenario if you delay – your first choice of limousine could become unavailable for your preferred hour being booked by another client so you could have to change either the hour or your choice of limousine. To avoid this risk we recommend that you book as soon as possible. That is, the moment you know the vehicle you want, the day of your event and an approximate starting hour. This will secure a spot in the schedule for you.

Can I book with a missing address to be specified later or change the address of an existing booking?

  • Sure. The pick-up address is the one we definitely need at least a day before the event, but you can change the destination even as you ride. It is in your best interest that you inform us in advance of any intermediate stops and your address of drop-off so we can verify the limousine’s access to those places and if any of them is unreachable – offer you a close alternative. So, all things said, we advise you to book even if you don’t know your precise addresses. A submitted booking form will give you advantage against bookings received after yours.

Is there a markup if I use the limo at odd hours at night?

  • No. Our rates are the same regardless of the time of rental and depend only on its duration.

Would you give me a discount if I book more than one limousine?

  • Yes, with pleasure. Based on the volume, in certain cases the discount we will offer you could even exceed your expectations. Tell us about your concept and we will work out a custom plan for you that fits your budget and ours and meets your needs in full.

Can I use the chauffeur for animation activities?

  • Yes, as long as it’s not at a time when the limousine is in motion. :))) Our chauffeurs are selected to be able to participate discretely in your crowd’s entertainment upon request. Improvize and engage your chauffeur as an animator for small pranks, as a photographer for your group photos or for anything that comes to mind.

What route would you recommend for a limo night out?

  • In our classic one- and two-hour rental format we run a tour of the city’s most interesting sights, usually located along its main boulevards. Upon your request we can make a short (or longer or more than one) stopover on any of the lit-up squares for a cigarette break and/or a photo session of the whole party outside the limo. In general, for a night limo ride you don’t have to specify a route. All we need is a pick-up and drop-off point and we will take care of the rest.

When does time start counting in bookings outside the city of base?

  • For the interval booked and quoted the limousine is entirely at your disposal in your town. This means that the time necessary for the vacant round trip to and from there is not calculated towards your booking or discounted from its duration in any way and is to be borne by us in full. If you have booked a limo for three hours in Varna, you will get the full three hours in Varna.

Is there a minimum duration of rental for bookings outside of Sofia or Plovdiv?

  • No. For bookings in other areas our standard hourly rate chart stands. You can rent any of our limousines even for only one hour. Just please note that in cases like this at the further destinations the markup for intercity mileage and fuel can considerably exceed the rental rate.


All Other Questions


If your question or doubt was not addressed in the comprehensive list above, please call us and we will not leave a thought unanswered. Use our 24-hour booking hotline or e-mail to tell us what you need to know prior to your decision to book. Our operators will make sure all is clear to you. A live connection will make your event concept clear to us too so we can offer you an optimal solution for your needs and whims.


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