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Rioters Torch Limousine of One of Their Own

Inauguration day protest in Washington, DC resulted in a torched limousine - whose owner turned out to be one of those whose rights were supported by the rioters. An instant fund-raising campaign was organized by many who were open trump supporters.

California Abandons Used Limousines

Under the new bills, limousines are now required to be equipped with at least two rear side doors and at least one pop-out window. Up until now, passengers riding just behind the driver cockpit would have to use the far back doors, making it difficult to exit in the event of an emergency.

Luxury SUVs Outsell Luxury Cars!

In 2016, luxury SUVs have outsold luxury cars in the U.S. for the first time, according to the Luxury Market Report from Luxury SUVs have secured a 55% share of the market, and Edmunds analysts predict this gap will widen further in 2017 to 60%.